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Introduction to Paris

Whether your first time in the City of Lights and Love or a return pilgrimage, Paris captures the spirit, mind and imagination beyond all other cities. A chameleon, Paris is to be experienced in its many guises. An historic, romantic, artistic, cultural and shopping mecca. Be awed by Paris’ majesty, beauty and charm. Take the time to wander its avenues, visit the iconic monuments, be inspired by its artwork, sail under the famous bridges of the Seine, walk through its gardens, relish Parisian cuisine accompanied by a French wine, and, finally see Paris after dark - with all of its spectacular night light and life! The restaurants, revues, shows and light shows to transfix you. No visit to Paris is complete without touring the magnificent Palace of Versailles with its proportions, opulence and beauty. Less vast but infinitely more personal, is to enter the world of Claude Monet, father of Impressionism, who lived, painted and was inspired by the truly beautiful surrounds of his private world of Giverny. A art and garden lovers delight. This is just a taste, a morsel, of all that is Paris. Eat it with relish!


Selecting tours of Paris can be a little overwhelming! There is so much to explore, see and savour. We suggest you firstly decide on your preferred methods of transport: Bus (from central office near Le Louvre) or Mini-van (hotel pick-up) from 1 to 8 passengers. Next step would be to choose your Parisian wish-list destinations. We strongly suggest you pace yourself with your tour selection. There is so much to see, take in and appreciate, we find it best to try not to overload the senses at once! Follow sightseeing tours with leisure time at your own pace. Paris is too grand and beautiful to discover too quickly!


Now that you have fallen under Paris’ charms, re-acquaint yourself with visits and tours of the city,visit specific places of interest, indulge your passions and take in regional France. We have many tours and options for you to consider. Check our webpages for suggested itineraries or let us tailor itineraries depending on your interests.

Paris captures the spirit, mind and imagination
beyond all other cities

Paris - Eiffel Tower.

Paris day tours

Numerous itineraries are available to discover Paris and take full advantage of what the city has to offer. From visiting monuments to romantic strolls or from cruises on the Seine to grabbing a bite in front of one of the world’s most famous views, everything is planned so that getting around is easy and enjoyable, especially if it’s your first time in the French capital or if you’re short on time.

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Paris at night.

paris night tours.

And to finish off a perfect day spent walking around exploring and sightseeing, what better is there then to take off again and discover Paris by Night? Going up the Eiffel Tower to see Paris lit up at night and taking a City Tour by an open-top bus or a cruise on the Seine are fantastic ways to admire numerous illuminated monuments. Finally, you’ll also have the opportunity to check out shows at the mythical Lido and Moulin Rouge showrooms before heading back starry-eyed to cap the night at your hotel.

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versailles & giverny

If you feel like taking advantage of being in Paris and are up for taking a day trip to another remarkable site outside of the capital, don’t hesitate to reserve a place to visit the Château de Versailles (departing from Paris by luxury bus) or to visit Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny. To save you time, the two day trips can be combined into a single day trip.

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Mont Saint Michel.

Excursions from paris.

Discover France through multi-day sightseeing tours or coach day trips from Paris to see the most prestigious sites and castle of France. France has an incomparable cultural heritage : Thirty-five of historical sites of France have now been classed as World Heritage Sites by Unesco. Visiting France is the opportunity to discover all of these unique treasures, such as the Mont Saint-Michel of Normandy, the magnificent Loire Valley castles, towns that witnessed huge battles (Reims, Péronne, Villers Bretonneux, Caen...), wine routes and the vineyards of Bourgogne.

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